Friday, April 27, 2007

Okay Now!!

You guys are making me look bad here! I in no way expect to win but THREE votes? THREE??HEY!! Do you see all the blogs I have voted for? How am I suppose to do my Rock "millions and millions" of the Jo's fans speech for THREE votes? Damn, he's hot isn't he? I would so tap that sh.... What was I saying? Oh yeah...

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

You could at least make a girl look good. Heck, Chris Abraham even sent me an email saying he figured I was up for Hottest Mommy Blogger and he doesn't even know me! Of course, it's all buttery lies but at least HE is smart enough to lie to a gal!

Don't make me start blog stalking all of you. I'll do it and and (turning on the fake tears) that will of course cause me more pain from all the typing in your comments *sniff* but that's okay, I'll make that sacrifice if that's what it takes *sniff sniff*.

*dramatic sigh* Buy hey, if you don't want to vote for me it's okay *dabbing at eyes in that Southern Belle kinda way*. I understand, Raaaiiillllyyy I do.

Okay, seriously now Slackermommy was nice enough to nominate me so go make me look like I'm not the geeky kid waiting to be picked for dodgeball. Cuz I'm not. Really. Okay so I was the TALL dorky kid but definately not geeky!


Meg_L said...

I wondered if you nominated me just so I'd go out and deal with registering so I can vote for you. heh, heh.

You are the sweetest.

Summer said...

You're up to 9 votes now. Happier? LOL

Jo said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Meg, I didn't even think about that one! LOL you're much quicker than I am I guess. :)

Summer- I are happy now. I think 9 votes is very respectable. LMAO

homemom3 said...

It won't let me vote, even though I've tried millions of times. It doesn't recognize me, even when I put in the password they give me. Guess I wasn't meant to vote in this one. Good luck though. thanks for reading my blog too.

Meg_L said...

No, I had looked into it when you were first nominated, and decided that I didn't have the time to deal with it right then.

Hey, and you didn't vote for yourself!

Meg_L said...

So how did you get them to show your screen shot?