Saturday, May 05, 2007

Recall- Listerine Cool Agent Blue

Well isn't this just lovely? According to MSNBC and Listerine they are recalling every single bottle of Agent Cool Blue that was sold (in both flavors) which big suprise comes to 4 million bottles of the stuff. Sadly, this stuff has been dentist recommended the whole time it's been out so you can imagine what some dental professionals must be thinking about this. The recall says though that Agent Cool Blue hasn't made anyone sick...yet... well gee, thanks for that. As if the idea of turning our kids' teeth blue in order to supposedly help them brush better wasn't enough. UGH!

Thanks to a new dentist we were trying out, our household would be one of the 4 million who had this crap in their bathroom. Luckily MonkeyBoy hated the stuff so we only used it twice but still! Of course, as you can obviously see on the MSNBC site this news is almost a month old so I'm sure most of you already know about the recall. This post is mostly just for the others like me who are still in Cluelessville. I really need to get over my hatred of the news media and start following this stuff more.

If you go to the Agent Cool Blue website's FAQ page it instructs you on how to get a refund for any of the product you may have purchased. I called yesterday to request ours (which should be here in about 8 weeks) and then promptly dumped the BadEvilBlue in the garbage.

I think I'm going back to not buying anything with dyes or shit my older two kids can't pronounce in it. MonkeyBoy already has a problem with his teeth (which I guess in fact is actually pretty common but still) so the last thing he needs is junk like this making it worse.

So go call and get your refund then make sure you throw the stuff away and spread the word.


A.J.Reams said...

My son loves this stuff. We emptied out our bottle already. Jacob was really sad!

Summer said...

I almost bought the stuff to help E with brushing, I'm glad I didn't.

And I love the new header! LOL

Tiffany said...

how scary! makes you wonder what the hell we can trust out there...
i guess i'm one of the fortunate ones, as my daughter doesn't have any teeth yet! lol :)

erika said...

ugh, i almost bought this to use as an adult. ah well. :(

Brett Evans said...

Erika, you win some you lose some :)