Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've Been Theme-king

So now that I'm decently medicated I can get back to posting and while sitting around reading a book on Cleopatra yesterday I did some thinking as well. Yes, that is smoke you smell and yes it is coming from my frying brain. I'm blonde, get over it! lol.

Anywho- I'm trying to add a little structure to my blogs so I've decided to have basic "theme" days on each of them. No that doesn't mean that every post will be artfully contructed and be about the same exact subject every week. It just means if I have ideas in my head and an "outline" to go by then I can put out more really good posts and you guys won't mutiny and abandon me. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean, I know how it goes!

For now I'll just tell you about one or two days...

Monday- Mad Click Mondays. This idea is very simple and more for my readers than myself. Every Monday I plan on holding myself accountable for visiting at least 20 of my readers' blogs and if they have text ads, google-ads, or ads of any kind up that are advertising something I find interesting then I am going to click them. That's right, I'm going to go click happy and make sure everyone is able to profit off my "shiny object syndrome". ;)

I do this for two reasons- The first is of course to help out my fellow bloggers and the second is to actually take the time to learn more about the ads I find interesting. Chances are low that I'll buy anything from the advertised companies (cuz I iz broke) but I will look instead of just passing the ads over.

So if you would like to join me in this then next Monday I will try to have one of those Mr Linky thingies on this site that you can type in your name and URL to letting everyone know that you're participating in Mad Click Mondays as well (or I'll enter it manually if I can't get the linky thing to work!!). Just think, if enough of us do this each week EVERYONE will do well!!

If you're nice I'll even try to make one of those little buttons to put in your sidebar announcing that you take part as well. I can hear you now "ohhhhhh buttonsssssss". Yeah, ya'll are into shiny objects just like me and that's why I like you so much! ;)

-Once a week I may do a MeMe...maybe if I'm in the mood.

-I'm also going to pick one certain day each week where I actually write something about my family. That's right, Life With Heathens will actually hold weekly content about the heathens and Hubby Guy themselves! I know, I'm shocking you with all this but no fainting please.

-Last but not least, I'm going to be sure to push your asses over to Onorach every week for my giveaway and contest posts, bitchy reviews, interviews with whoever the hell I want, and I'm even considering a Dear Onny column where you the readers (as well as smartmouthed ass clowns who just want to piss me off) can email me questions and I will answer them in a post. I could honestly call it Dear Abby due to that being part of one of my names but I'd rather not get sued or contacted by ticked off crotchety old people.

So that's it for now. Feedback is always welcome and I'd greatly appreciate it even if it's to tell me that all my ideas suck, I'm obviously taking too many painkillers, and to shut the hell up.

Just don't cry when I key your car and pee on your tires. I'm just sayin'. *snicker*


Julie Pippert said...

In my mind I have a theme and schedule. It helps guide me. It's largely unofficial except Wednesday when I do the Hump Day Hmmms. Your Monday idea is interesting. I think it sounds good!

Mommy's Getaway said...

I did a theme over at the MG blog too. It helps me get the creative juices flowing! I was having some serious problems with writer's block and so far, the theme-ish schedule has helped.

Oh and the Dear Onny posts sounds like a TON of fun!

David said...

The only theme I have is Tuesdays in Prison. Every one loves prison!

Dear Onny, Why can't my beautiful University, VSU, shell out enough money to pay for air conditioning? I pay enough tuition!

Erica said...

I hate to rain on the Money Monday thing but I think it would be against the Google Adsense program.

snippet of AdSense Program Policies:
"Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest. Any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions on your Google ads is strictly prohibited."

"publishers may not request that users click the ads on their sites or rely on deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks."

I'm sure other ad programs probably have similar policies in place.

Jo said...

Erica- thank you very much for your input. I did not know that.

I'll be honest though and admit that I never click on an ad because it interests me. Truth be told, most of the ads all of us run are crap. lol. I always click because I want to help out the blog owner in one of the few ways I can.

I will have to think about this though and maybe REthink it. Thank you again for your help. :)

A Week In The Life of A Redhead said...

I think it is a great idea and I made the same shift when I took my blog off AOL. I post M/W/F with Friday being my weekly gratitude and then the other two days are either stories about conversations with my son or stories about me as a redhead mom.
Your making money monday is a great idea and in no way affects the Google guidelines. You are going to other people's pages - not asking other people to click on yours.
I find that readers return on the days they expect my posts and it holds me accountable.
Plus they begin to associate you with a day of the week. I always go to PostSecret on Mondays to see the Sunday posting...
Catherine, the redhead

JaniceNW said...

Am I one of the smartassed clowns? No you couldn't be talking 'bout me!!!

Jo said...

Janice- no ur justa smartass making you one of my fave people! lol.

jafabrit said...

he meds have stabalized the pain. It is hard to keep up your spirits or energy when in pain all the time.

About ads: It has never occurred to me to click on any ads on blogs. I barely have enough time to visit all my fave blogs, so ads are a distraction that I ignore or just don't see. I do click on links if they are relevant to the blog entry and it interests me though :)

JaniceNW said...

Jo my friend,

TAG! You're it! Stop by my blog to see what I've set you up for this time! MUahahahaha.

Donna said...

You are a far more ambitious blogger than I. Every time I've tried to stick to a theme and schedule, it's lasted about two days.

Have fun with it!

karrie said...

I'm going to go click on some Google-y links for you. :)

I'm terrible lately about reading other blogs. Laziest reader ever. A system might help....

Homemom3 said...

I kind of have a theme.
Monday- ?
Tues- giveaways
wed- wordless wed
Thurs- 13 thursday & giveaways
friday- announce other blogs and do a Fun Friday (linkies)

hehe I see ya got tagged again. Not sure if I can do Mondays as I already do it on Fridays, but I'll stop by your blog & click an ad.