Monday, July 30, 2007

Mad Click Monday 07/30/07

Good morning everyone. I hope your weekend went well. Dinner with MIL was nice and MonkeyBoy enjoyed spending time with her. I am proud to say that MIL is addicted to Gordon Ramsey as well so we topped off the night with the pilot show from Ramsey's Boiling Point. I told you, we lurve BBC!

So, is everyone ready for some mad clicking fun today? Be sure to visit each other's blogs and maybe even a few on your blogroll as well. If you have time, consider commenting on the blogs you visit. All of us love comments and it's nice to know we're supporting each other.

Let's go over the rules real quick-

- While visiting other blogger's sites please be sure to look over the advertisements they may be displaying. If you see something that interests you then please click on the ad. This will not only help your fellow blogger earn a little money but also maybe help you learn about something new.

- You are not expected to do a weekly post or linkback to me, my site, or this post. I am doing this for fun and because I'm thankful to those who read my blog. I am only telling everyone else about it because everything is more fun with friends.

- Be sure to email me or leave a comment on each Monday's post letting me know you are doing this too and I will add a link to your site in the Mad Click Monday posts. It's my way of saying thank you for taking the time to join me.

- I will be sure to use a Mr Linky (to make leaving me your url easier for you) and either make or have someone else make a button you can display on your blog if you would like.

That's it. I think a bunch of rules takes the fun out of stuff and this is suppose to be fun and helpful so I think that is plenty. :) If you think this just plain sucks then I'll not bother and figure out something else to do on Mondays! lol

Don't forget that tomorrow is "Dear Onny" day at Onorach so have some fun and send me a question to answer. Smartass questions are of course welcome. Life's too short to be too serious. ;)


Julie Pippert said...

Okay I clicked on links (ads) on your blog that I found interesting,and did it a few other places too.

This is dangerous as I ended up buying something, LOL!

I haven't got all my ad code up yet, but am getting there.

I have to move my review blog b/c wordpress doesn't allow any ads, and I've got a few affiliates for that blog now.

Madame M. said...

What a cute idea!

Hey, dear Onny? I have an etiquette question: How do you tell someone that he/she has absolutely no manners?

Looking forward to reading the reply :oP

Jenny said...

I love this idea...this is my second Monday clicking!!

David said...

Look what you did Jo! Now that I am going to be getting a new look for my blog I am getting all uppity! No longer is Dinwiddie good enough for me. No. Now I am going to be known as Mischief. That's right. Mischief. Same url...for now! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! A monster I tell you a monster. I really came close to using Thug Teacher-but since I hope to be a principal in a year...

Julie Pippert said...

Hey Jo, I posted about this on my blog today. :)

I'll add my name to the list, and will play the game, too. :)

tAnYeTTa said...

very very cool!!! i get excited when i get more than 3 comments in one day. and that's on a good day for sure :)

Suzanne said...

I'm getting up to speed on this Mad Click Monday thing...and I agree with Julie - this could be dangerous! (I'll have to hide away the CC on Mondays! LOL)

Great idea!

Andrew said...

So I'm a bit slow. It's Wednesday and I just saw your Mad Click Monday. So I'm making it a Mad Click Humpday. So there.

suburbancorrespondent said...

What a good idea to click on the ads in other people's blogs! Now, could you please explain what the heck is Mr. Linky? I went to the website, but I still don't get it.

Jo said...

Julie- lol definately hide the CC's!

Kat- Go check out the Onorach blog for the answer to your question. ;)

Jenny- Ohhh so you're a MCM vet now eh? LMAO I'm glad you are enjoying it enough to come back a second time.

David- Mischief fits you.

Tanyetta- Awww I've seen the pics you post on your blog and they are definately worth more than 3 comments! ;)

Suzanne- lol, maybe I should start a Hide The Cards Sunday in preparation for MCM. *snort*

Andrew- better late than never dear. Anyone is welcome to sign up no matter what day it is.

Karen- Mr Linky is just the thing you typed your name and URL into. It's just a little piece of code you can enter so people can sign up for things like memes, or themed days, etc and have their URL show so people can visit their blogs. :)

Wife Soup said...

Thanks, I like this idea. Much better than the one I signed on for at my site. The Geek Link train, but it is probably worth. Anyway, come check it out and please, join the Geek Link Train!!!

Karen said...

Ok, I am joining on a Saturday too, but I will definitely be back on Monday! Great idea:-)

Jessie said...

This is such a great idea!