Monday, August 20, 2007

Mad Click Monday 08/20/07

Since lack of sleep has put me behind today I'm just going to get right to our Mad Click Monday so everyone can start visiting and clicking. Last week we had nine people join in which was really great! It seems we're falling off a little instead of picking up so if you know anyone who might want to play too please feel free to invite them. The more the merrier right? I didn't get the MCM rules post up so I'm posting them this week for anyone new who joins us.

Here we go- be sure to visit each other's blogs and maybe even a few on your blogroll as well. If you have time, consider commenting on the blogs you visit. All of us love comments and it's nice to know we're supporting each other.

Quick rules-

- While visiting other blogger's sites please be sure to look over the advertisements they may be displaying. If you see something that interests you then please click on the ad. This will not only help your fellow blogger earn a little money but also maybe help you learn about something new.

- You are not expected to do a weekly post or linkback to me, my site, or this post. I am doing this for fun and because I'm thankful to those who read my blog. I am only telling everyone else about it because everything is more fun with friends.

- Be sure to email me or leave a comment on each Monday's post letting me know you are doing this too and I will add a link to your site in the Mad Click Monday posts. It's my way of saying thank you for taking the time to join me.

- I will be sure to use a Mr Linky (to make leaving me your url easier for you) and either make or have someone else make a button you can display on your blog if you would like (in the works now).

Don't miss tomorrow's "Dear Onny" day at Onorach because I'll post one or both of the really great questions I got in email! As always send me a question if you'd like and no it doesn't have to be a serious one. Smartass questions are of course welcome. Life's too short to be too serious. ;)

So are the ads and sponsors put together in my right sidebar good for you guys? I'm just trying to make things like page loading and getting to actual blog stuff easier. Suggestions are always welcome so don't be shy.


Andrew said...


Definitely count me in as I'm on little sleep thanks to a conniving 2-year-old, so my sanity's already shot. (Get it, "mad" click monday? Sanity? Sigh. Never mind...)

Oh, and don't hate me more than you already do, but I just tagged you for another meme:

*ducks the flying pots and pans*

Jessie said...

Here again, clicking away.

Suzanne said...


Please put up with my very bare blog (ad-wise, anyway) another week. I PROMISE there'll be something new for you to madly click next Monday...PROMISE! This week, AdSense will have to do, sorry. :)

JaniceNW said...

Hey I tagged her first Andrew! I tagged Jo last night!!!!

How ya feeling girlie?

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Jo , I had to add such a worthy nice person to my Nice Matters award so come on girl come pick it UP!

Andrew said...

Janice, you tagged Jo last night!?! This is getting a little, er, racy isn't it?!? :)

And damn, I didn't write it here, but on the post itself on my blog I definitely mentioned she has a ton of other memes to get to first. So no worries (except for the soon to be memed-out Jo that is)...

Karen said...

A little late, but my post is up:-) Have a great week!

Julie Pippert said...

Sorry sorry I am LATE! But will get going. It's been a tough time as far as solo parenting and busy kids an done week until school and all that!

Ravin' Picture Maven

Jenny said...

Well...I just tagged Jo 57 there!! lol!

JaniceNW said...

Andrew I think Jenny is a WOLD THING! She wins.