Monday, September 03, 2007

Mad Click Monday 09/03/07

Welcome to September's first week of Mad Click Monday. Thank you once again to Nicole for the pretty badge up above. I hope everyone is having a fun Labor Day. Be sure to send some of that grilled food my way aight?

I have finally made a "rules" post for Mad Click Mondays and you can see it HERE.

Any questions? No? Then I'll shut the hell up since I'm already late and let you get started! :)


jenny-up the hill said...

Love the button!! WooHoo!! I'm supposed to be sweeping off the back deck but I'm here instead...mad clickin' is much more fun! lol!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm playing along! Oh, and Jenny and I? Have the same theme on our blogs. I didn't even know it! She came to my blog today and thought she was on HERS! LMAO!

Leann I Am said...

I wanna play!!! Thanks for doing this!

CableGirl said...

Great idea. I don't have any ads up on my blog at the moment, but I'll certainly play along and spread some love to other bloggers. I'll be participating next week for sure. ;)

Jo said...

Jenny- Yeah, Nicole is great. She made it for her's and said I could borrow it. Made my life so much easier!

Eliz- I noticed the blog themes, how funny! It looks good on both blogs though if that helps. lol.

Leann- great to see you again this week. I hope you're having fun!

CableGirl- let us know when/if you do put some ads up and we'll be there. ;) Thank you for still being willing to help out the others this week.

Madame M. said...

Oops. Late!

Nicole said...

Hey Jo! While I posted my Mad Click Monday yesterday (which I might add due to the holiday was actually TUESDAY and I'm stupid and didn't even think of that yesterday morning LOL), I didn't get to as many blogs as I planned, so I am playing catch up this morning. So consider it a "Warned Wednesday" and that I better get my rear in gear and visit these ladies great blogs (among others). :D
So that's what I'm off to do. I love your blog. I know I've said it before, but I really do. There's always something new to read and I always find something I didn't notice before.

Glad you love the button. I'll make a few more when I get a moment and post them on my page for you guys to grab.

Take care! and thanks for hosting!

Nicole said...

Oh!! and too whoever is actually clicking on ads - THANK YOU! And if you want better ads to click on or something more geared to your liking, I also have (non-updated - except scrapbooking blog) blogs at

So maybe something there would be more fun to click on ;)

Karen said...

I love the button too! Somehow I missed Mr Linky this week...I will do better next week;)