Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blue Tea For Five and Me(me)

Well it seems I've been tagged for another meme and while I still owe more of these things than I can count, like Andrew said...the quicker I respond the quicker the pain of it will go away. LOL. So Andrew tagged me for this Blue Tea Meme which I guess is called such because it was started by a lady who has a blog called Blue Tea. Makes sense doesn't it?

According to the original poster, the rules for this meme are: “Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life. It’s more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you’d also like to take. Tag five. ” Yes, this time I will be tagging five of your asses because you keep doing this crap to ME!! are first woman! *evil laugh*

Here is my curriculum:

1) Car maintenance - I would be in this with Andrew for all the same reasons. I am completely and totally car stupid. With my memory problems I can't even remember to check the tire pressure once a week so I would need this class. Of course, if I were in it with Andrew we would probably act like a couple of kids, mess up everything, and then get sent to the Dean. All in all it would be fun no matter what! :)

2) Tai Chi- Why? Because I'm sick of trying to do this shit on my own! The little Chinese woman on my dvds (who is as tall as my 5 year old) obviously has no clue that it takes longer to move three feet worth of legs! When she pulls out the finger fans and starts moving all graceful and crap I usually throw something at the screen. She always knows I'll be back the next day though. Bitch.

3) Ancient Religions- While I'm not religious and more Atheist than anything, I do love studying religion especially ancient ones. Believe it or not they were so much less complicated than religion is today yet at the same time they were so immense and interesting that religion today just can't compare. I love being able to look at religion from a scientific and neutral standpoint and analyze it. Some of you would be so shocked to find out how similar the current religions are. Then again, I love Iconology, Sociology, Psychology, Physiology, and Symbology so yeah, I'm an odd one.

4) Ancient Civilizations- To be honest, I find nothing interesting about the modern's boring. There I said it. BORING! Ancient civilizations are so interesting to me and to be honest I have a hard time teaching my kids U.S. History because it is so young, boring, and just blah. Crete has history, Italy has history, Scotland has history but the U.S. just has a few hundred years. Boooooooo.

5) Algebra- While I'm smart in several areas, Mathematics is not one of them. I can't do Algebra and no matter how hard I try to learn it the whole thing just gets all jumbled in my head. My friend Meg says that maybe I have a form of math dyslexia which I think sounds nicer than the "Hey stupid try hanging on to it this time" that reverberates through my hollow head anytime I try doing it. LOL

6) Interior Decorating- I use to have a gay male friend who was so awesome at decorating that I would have married him for that reason alone if he would have let me. Well that reason and he cried during movies with me. *sigh* Gay guys are the best. Anywho- since I can't convince my oldest son to be either gay or take interior decorating and the youngest boy doesn't have any potential in that department either, I desperately need help in this department. I want to decorate my house and make it a home. As it stands now I can't even decide what color to paint the living room (read as make THEM paint the living room) because we have beige carpet, mocha couch and chair, and wood everything in the furniture. I want to go with blues to lighten it up but eh... I'm clueless.

7) Philosophy- This one is just for pure selfish want not because it would help me in life. I love philosophy and could read it all day every day. Unfortunately I'm the only one in this house who truly likes it. My husband takes it at school but I think that's just so he can make himself feel smarter than me. Get over it already!

Numbers 3, 4 and 7 are just for fun and probably wouldn't fix my life but they sure would be something I would enjoy! Okay so I'm tagging Janice (this is just purely out of revenge folks), Meg (because she's being just evil right now), Eliza (because I know she'd do the same to me), Sara (even though I still owe her the meme she tagged me for), and Frankie (because she came out of hiding to post a comment just to get me to exercise!).

I expect every single damn one of you to do it too! Oh and Andrew, don't think for a minute that I'm not plotting my revenge on you mister. hehehe


Meg_L said...

As soon as I saw that you did a meme, I knew you were out to get me....

Let me think about it.

Meg_L said...

okay, I did it. Jo, watch out. I'm going for blood now.

Jenny-up the hill said...

We're studying ancient civilizations right now and there is sooooo much to learn. I have to remind myself that my kids are 6 yo is NOT going to want to go in depth in the subject like I am! lol!! Of course, I do encourage further study but no one takes me up on it...maybe when they are older!

Frankie said...

Oh boy, you had to pick something that will force me to think about it first! lol

Frankie, going (no, RUNNING) back into hiding


Andrew said...

I'm impressed, Jo. You tackled this meme quick and efficiently! Nicely done too. And yeah, we'd both be in a ton of hot water if we were in a class together wouldn't we. Sure I'd have fun, but I'd probably end up knowing LESS about my car then I do now. :)

Jo said...

Meg- war or truce? lol

Jenny- I have to do the same thing. I get excited but my kids' eyes glass over like "who caressss".

Frankie- well if you'd say hi once in awhile then I would target you. ;) You know you wanna do a meme. lol

Andrew- Yeah, I'm pretty proud of how quickly I did this one. I at least know how to change a tire, check the oil and fluids, change the windshield wipers, and change a battery. What you got huh?

Of course, don't tell my hubby I know any of that or he'll actually expect me to do all that! Pppffftt

Meg_L said...

It looks like you, Contemplator, and I will all be taking Religion together. That would be fun.