Monday, October 08, 2007

Mad Click Monday 10/08/07

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Hey everyone, how are you doing? Sorry my posting has been off lately but I've been out of commission and I now have to try to catch up on my product reviews. OY, when do I get to NOT be tired? lol.

Mad Click Monday had 7 people join in last week but considering how late I posted it, that is totally understandable! From here on out I'm going to make the MCM posts ahead of time so you guys can have it in the mornings. Sound good?

Anyway- I should find out soon when my surgery on my neck is and then I will let you know! Make sure you visit Andrew who is having a Nintendo Wii giveaway, Eliza who posts giveaways every Tuesday and Thursday, and be sure to enter my own giveaway for a Deluxe Cinderella costume from Little Adventures! Lots of great stuff so don't miss it!

Here we go... for anyone who is new, you can find the "rules" HERE. Pretty simple right? Just have fun and make sure you visit everyone's blogs and ads okay?

Have a great week my friends!


Musings of a Manic Mom said...

I finally made it here before the end of Monday - go me! :D
Just stoppin' in to check in on you and see how you're doing.
Also to give you some click love :D

ONwebCHECK said...

hmmm, I have to try :)

Homemom3 said...

Thank you for the Linky Love! :) I'm also giving away a Word World DVD.

Madame M. said...

For me they are becoming Mad Click Moosedays...

Maddy said...

Ah, well seeing as how now it's Tuesday.....
Best wishes

Jo said...

Nicole- thanks hun, even though you tagged me for that meme. :p

OWC- Welcome

Eliza- if I didn't already have one I'd enter! Join so you can post some of your stuff on there too. ;)

Kat- Moosedays? Okay what post do I need to read? LOL

Maddy- you can join at any point during the week hun so feel free to sign on. :) I just post it on Mondays but it's for the whole week.

Wife Soup said...

Late again! Thanks. I hope you are feeling well... or at least well enough.