Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Sugar Rush!!

Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo which means I will be trying my hardest to post every day this month. Yes I know, I'm not very good with goals but sumpfin' bettah than nuttin' right? A big part of my wanting to join it is because I wanted to be a NaBloPoMo-Ho too.

Or Happy Day After Halloween for most of you! :) Trick-or-treating went fine here last night and the youngest two kidlets made out pretty well. They horded a decent amount of candy and I was even able to walk them up and down our street but then had to be one of those moms who follows in the van while my daughter took the little guy house to house on other streets. Tons of people were doing it but it just seemed so anti-fun to me. Between the scan earlier in the day, having to keep my arms over my head for an hour for the scans, and the biting cold did me in.

Other than that let's just say I am HIGHLY pissed right now at one member of my family and it will take a few days to calm me down. I'm the one with the health problems yet my fat ass was walking up and down the street going door to door in the COLD-as-hell wind! It was windyyyyy and I think I even saw one of the neighborhood skinny-as-a-twig girls blowing around like a plastic bag at one point. Either that or it was her witch of a mother trying to avoid a house falling on her.

Did I just say that out loud? Yep, I did. *snort*

I'm a miffed at Hubby Guy because he wussed out on us yet again and did nothing but continue his weeklong whinefest on how he's too tired to do this, he's too tired to do that, I'm taking off this, I'm skipping that. Shut up already!! You slept all weekend AND missed school all but once this week AND even called off work one night! Get over it ya bitch! I think he has gone trick-or-treating with us maybe twice in over seven years. Every year it's some new stupid excuse and it's getting old.

Yes, my husband knows how I feel and yes, I told him what I just posted. We're brutally honest that way but it's all his fault. I use to be the quiet one who didn't want to upset anyone and then he got ahold of me and now I am what I am. Seriously, ask my mother in law. Once upon a time I was a sweet little doormat who people wiped their feet on quite often.

Anywho- I hope everyone had a great night whether it was gathering candy, giving it out, or doing something else fun. Heck, last night I even saw the fat lady...singing. I kid you not, this guy in a fat ballerina costume had his hair in pigtails, a cigar in his mouth, and a mustache! Do you know how unsettling it is to have what you think is someone in a sumo wrestler suit coming towards you only to realize it's the "fat lady" and then hear "Hey, how's it going?" in a voice that would make Sam Elliot sound like a girl???

That is just so not right!


kellypea said...

Dang. My eyelashes are singed around the edges on that one, Jo. "Skinny as a twig girl blowing around..." Bwhahahahaha..aha..ahhhh. That was a good one. Truly. But the guy with the cigar in the tutu. I would have soaked the sidewalk.

I'm so glad you're a NaBloPoMo-HO. I'm going to look for you on the blogroll and cozy you up to my guy friends. I need another chick.

Donna said...

Hey, Jo - We NaBloPoMo-Ho's need to stick together.

Thanks for the laugh!

A Little Revolution said...

Nice. I wished I could've gone TorT, but I was working last night. I like TorT. Maybe next year! BTW, is it too late to try for NaBloPoMo?

Meg_L said...

I can not imagine you as a quiet little doormat. This is definitely a better you!

Becky said...

Sounds like both of our hubby's are in the dog house after the trick or treating bit. To make a long story really short lets just say he left me and my youngest in the dust because he felt the need to let the kids just run, run, run instead of waiting for thier baby brother.
I thought I had it bad walking around with 2 guys dressed up as woman, one who only shaved his face and the other one removed all hair from face down. Not a pretty sight!

Together we can be NaBloPoMo-Ho's. I am also doing it! This will be fun!

Andrew said...

A friend of mine down in Virginia took his kids ToTing and one house actually had two signs that said "Kids - Get Booed!" and "Dads - Get Brewed!" The guy handed out candy to the kids and a nice cold beer to the dads. Tell that story to your no-fun hubby and maybe it'll get him moving next year. :)

Homemom3 said...

well BalletGirl ended up dressed as a vampire dressed in a tutu and a witch. Don['t ask it was her creation, she said she was a vampire witch.

hehe man in a tutu. I saw one of those balloon costumes where they have to have a fan inside. Mine was a teen boy and what looked like he was riding a donkey.