Monday, November 05, 2007

Mad Click Monday 11/05/07

Can you believe it is November already? Wow this year has just blown by in no time at all! My youngest baby will be turning five years old on November 30th so this is a very sad month for me. He's my BABY! He's not suppose to grow up! The other two did this to me as well and I still haven't forgiven them. How dare they all grow up and make me feel like some old crone!

Thank you to everyone for contributing to my Exercise For Comments fun and posts. I'm having a great time with it and even though I might call you "evil" and tease you, I'm very thankful for each comment you leave. It's fun coming back to the blog after doing some exercise and thinking I'm all caught up and then I see more comments meaning I owe ya even more. LOL.

I've mostly been doing the walking part of exercise because for some reason the last two weeks instead of extra energy from the B12, I've been exhausted and sore. Too sore for Tai Chi and Belly dancing that's for sure. My biggest accomplishment for the week? I took the kids Trick or Treating and actually made it a full mile or so before the cold wind got to me. Sad I know but it's a start and hopefully more will follow. I'd like to have a much improved life in three years so I can be an active part of it again.

So enough blabbin' and let's start clickin'!! The "rules" as usual are HERE so feel free to read them if you are new but they are pretty simple and easy going. Most importantly have fun and I hope you find some great buys and deals to help out with your holiday shopping. Also make sure to visit my friend, Andrew, often for coupons and deals plus my always busy friend, Eliza, for her lists of contests and giveaways every Tuesday and Thursday! Deals and winning are good ways to save some of your hard earned money right?

I'll be having three giveaways on between here and LWH Reviews by the beginning of December. They will all make great Christmas gifts. Want to know what they are? Well then I guess you better keep commenting and reading now hadn't you? *snicker* I will tell you that ALL the prizes are new and completely giftable. Sound good?


Leann I Am said...

Am I the last to enter my site but the first to comment?

I'm so in...I will click on as many as I can right now! Most of them interest me in some way or another and I cannot click on my own!

Have a great day and thanks!

Patriot said...

New giveaway at my site this week - come check it out! Thanks!

A Little Revolution said...

Have you seen that Elmocise video? "Excercise! Excercise! So fun to do...!"
Elmo: Liar.

Nicole said...

Well, another Mad Click Monday behind us, and I certainly did my share of clicking. I found a great recipe that way that I'm going to try for Thanksgiving. LOL

Anyway, wanted to stop in and say hi and was an excuse to leave a comment ;)

Now, back to the writing.