Monday, November 12, 2007

Mad Click Monday 11/12/07

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So we will call this Mad Click Monday Evening. LOL. Unfortunately I had some work to do today that kept me from posting earlier but I'm trying to not only post daily but also not miss a MCM.

Next week I will be having another Little Adventures Dress Up giveaway on my LWH Reviews blog so make sure you either subscribe to my feed or whatever it is you do to keep up with me (I'm so techie aren't I?). I'll be starting the contest on Sunday and it will go until Saturday, November 24th. This way the winner will get the Pink Princess Pauper, wand, and crown in plenty of time to give as a Christmas or December birthday gift if they want.

I'm hoping to hold at least one giveaway per month on LWH Reviews, so if you are a company who would like me to hold a give away for your product please feel free to email me. Also keep an eye on that blog for several new reviews this week since I'm feeling better!

That just leaves the tattoos that I promised to talk about on today's post right? Well I think I'll just dedicate tomorrow's post to that one because it's alot to share with you. No, there won't be any pictures of wrinklely old lady parts so don't worry. I will not be sharing any pictures of my tattoos especially before lunchtime! I'm not THAT mean ya'll!

So have fun with Mad Click Monday and join in on any day this week not just Monday. It's been alot of fun so far and the more people we have join the better chance for pocket change we all have. *wink wink*

Take care and I hope you have a really great week this week!


Silvia said...

I'm starting next Monday!

Andrew said...

Tattoos huh? Let me guess, you've got one o' those big blue eagle starbursts in the small of your back. My friend affectionately calls those a "tramp stamp" which just cracks me up. Haw.

Now what's with that big ol' donut for minutes of exercise achieved? Huh? Huh?

Wife Soup said...

I have been lagging on my blog reading lately, but thanks for doing this. I am back!

Jenny-up the hill said... what if I am always a day late on this, right?! lol!! I haven't forgotten about the meme's coming...soon...

SuzanneSays... said...

Can I be your Mad Click Monday Prodigal clicker? Life has swept me away of late and I have been acting like I don't even own a computer, much less one connected to the WWW.

Life and it's drama will just have to wait while I blog...