Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mother Talk Blog Tour: Downsizing Your Home With Style

This is the second of two book opinions that I owe Mother Talk but have been running behind on this week. I would just like to thank the ladies there for being so understanding and patient with my slacker self. I really appreciate it.

Since buying our first home almost a year ago, I have tried to read everything I can get my hands on having to do with decorating and decluttering. The reasons for my semi-obsession have been that I'm the kind of person who probably couldn't decorate a shoebox much less a house and downsizing on anything has never been my strength. Bottom line, I stink at both!

This latest book has been a great help though. Downsizing Your Home With Style by Lauri Ward actually taught me quite a few new things about both subjects and probably saved me from having to put the kids on a bread and water diet in order to afford to hire help. Although the book wasn't able to help me figure out how to fit a conversation area in my skinny rectangle shaped Living Room (nobody could help with that one I think!), it was great in helping me figure out different things about draperies, the correct shade of wall paint for certain rooms, and even gave me ideas on picture placement on an odd wall I have. That might not sound like much to the decorating savvy but it sure makes my life alot easier!

Downsizing Your Home With Style teaches you how to comfortably go from a larger residence to a smaller one and how to do it right. Making use of furniture you already have and getting rid of what you don't need ensures that your new home is cozy but not overcrowded without costing you alot of extra money. Even if you are going from say 4 bedrooms to 2 bedrooms, this book explains that you don't have to get rid of two whole rooms worth of furniture completely because some of those pieces might actually go very nicely in surprising places like your new Entryway, Living Room, or even Kitchen!

Lauri Ward also shares great tips on storage ideas and using the space you have to your best advantage which I really liked. Around here we always feel that if we have more room then we need to fill it with something. Now I'm looking around my house for areas to free up to give us a more open and relaxed feeling. Considering that the people in this family are not the most calm people I know, that is a BIG help!

One last good thing I have to say about this book is that it comes with many color photographs that let you get an idea of what Ms. Ward is trying to accomplish. I appreciate that because I can decide right away if that is the kind of look I want to try to mimic in my own home or if it's just not my style and tastes. This saves me alot of trial and error time while still giving me room to personalize looks to the way I want them.

So now I feel better armed to tackle this house of mine in the spring and maybe I'll finally even make peace with it (I don't like this house at all to be honest). That would definately make living here alot more enjoyable for not only myself but probably the rest of the family as well!

Unfortunately my running behind on this post doesn't give you much time but I would still like to suggest that you head over to for a chance to win a new Flip Digital Camcorder, an expert design consultation and even a $2,000 Crate and Barrel Shop Card to help you with your redecorating fun! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.


jenny-up the hill said...

I really need some home help around here...I love our small place but I don't think we utilize our space well. It seems like we live in like only half of the space. Strange. Sounds like a good book...

and thanks for the heads up on the contest!