Saturday, November 10, 2007

Now I'm Caught Up!

Here is my Saturday post and I wish it was something funny or interesting but Hubs is bitching about bedtime so it's hard to be funny when you just want to lock someone in a closet with duct tape over their mouth. hehe. Yes, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Today was more running around- taking Hubs to pick up his stupid car that I hate because it had work done on it, going to the grocery store with him and buying a bunch of crap we don't need, and then I had to pick up $106 worth of prescriptions at Walgreens. I know that doesn't sound like alot to some people but that's all in copays for about six medications. One was my daughter's who is on Levothroid for her thyroid replacement and the rest were all me. LMAO. I feel like such a junkie everytime I go to Walgreens because I never pick up just one prescription. This time I got my Sulfate (basically chalk for my ulcer and GERD), Neurontin (neuropathy pain), Synthroid (MY thyroid replacement), and two other pills that help me control any side effects from the two steroids I'm on. You see, they can cause mood swings and there were some times when I was a royal bitch so I'd rather take something and be myself that deal with that. Oh and I was a good girl and gave myself my B12 shot too. This time I didn't hit a stinkin' vein and bleed all over though. I STILL have a bruise from that mistake last week!!

No pain meds this time but that's only because I don't get refills on those so I have to do without for another week until I see my PCP. :( Needless to say I have slept little to none the last few days but thankfully I'm one of those people that can get away with little sleep so I'm doing okay.

Tomorrow I will write something funny or witty to make up for these two boring ass posts. Shall I tell you what I've gotten in SPAM this week or would you rather hear the odd things my family has had to say lately?

Have a good night folks and thanks for reading even during the boring times. It just makes me love ya that much more. *wink*


JaniceNW said...

There is no way on God's green earth that you can be a bitch. In fact, when I think of you I imagine sweet pink cotton candy poff balls. Yum. Yum.