Friday, November 09, 2007

Okay I'm Cheating

I'm dating this for Friday but in all honesty, I've already blown posting everyday in November. The reason? Hubs hauled me all over creation running errands and I didn't have time to post nor one set up.

So this will be short and most likely boring as hell. I hope everyone else is having a good weekend though. Weekends in my house mean crying kids, arguing almost nonstop with Hubs, and usually going a bunch of places I really don't want to go. OY.

I'm really liking my hair so far though. In the past I have dyed it brown and also red but when I looked in the mirror it just wasn't me staring back anymore. I think the difference this time is that it wasn't me staring back with blonde hair anymore either. I need something new and I'm trying to feel better about myself. So I dyed the hair, got it cut, and I've been wearing makeup more too.

I've also lost TWO pounds so far! YES, I really have!! I can only keep it up though if you guys keep the comments coming. I can do up to 280 minutes per week and thus far you guys haven't even come close! Come on, challenge me a little! You comment and I'll exercise even on the days I don't want to. You guys rock!! Also in case you didn't know, I count the week as Monday through Sunday so you still have time to get me this week. LOL

So here is my one Get Out Of Jail Free post for the month. I will try not to miss a day again and I'll post now to tell you about my Saturday.