Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sex, Drugs, and Tattoos

Well okay so we can just skip the sex part and I've never done drugs so that counts that one out too but I CAN talk about tattoos. Yes, Jo has tattoos. I have two in fact although I regret both of them at this point.

My first tattoo was a Native mandala with a bear claw in the middle that was suppose to be on my right hip. Let's just say that said tattoo ended up more on my thigh than my hip thanks to the tattoo guy being higher than a kite. :( Looking cute with a bikini was the whole purpose of getting the tattoo but now I'm just happy I don't wear short shorts anymore so it can peek out. The second tattoo was one of the "I am such a moron" tattoos that so many people get- someones initials. Yep, I put some jackass' initials on the left side of my chest when I was younger. Go ahead and say it...DUMB ASS!!

Which leads to the new tattoos I will be getting. I know, I must be a glutton for punishment at this point but now that I'm older and hopefully wiser (quit laughing Meg! I said QUIT!!), I have actually planned what I want to get and put alot of thought into them.

New Tattoo #1- This will be what has been dubbed a "tramp stamp" meaning it will be across my lower back because I don't want to cover my upper back with it and besides my stomach that's the only place big enough for it! My choice of tattoo for this area is a Phoenix. You know, the fiery bird? Not the city in Arizona people! Sheesh!

I already have a kickass design picked out and the reason I chose a Phoenix is because it has had alot of significance throughout my life as I've gone through hardships and been "reborn" strong and ready to face the world again. To see a picture please click on the link- HERE. It is the second one in on the top row on page six I believe. :)

New Tattoo #2- This will hold even more meaning for me because it has to do with my children. On this tattoo I will combine two of my favorite things- my kids and Egypt. This is going to be a cartouche with the first sound of each of my children's names on it in hieroglyphics. The reason I chose the cartouche is because it holds a special memory for me AND I feel that each one of my children are kings and queens worthy of such honor. HERE is the design I will be using for this one. It's the second one, top row, and page 12. I'd direct link these but the site won't let me. Sorry.

Tattoo #3- Last but not least is a symbol that I've been drawn to for many years. The Eye of Horus is probably what should have been my very first tattoo because boy could I have used it! This Egyptian symbol is said to protect the wearer from evil. See? Told you I needed it! To be honest, if I could put a tattoo on my kids (no, I'm not into kids getting tattoos don't worry), I'd put this on them too. Superstitious? A little. HERE is where you can see this tattoo. It's on page two, second row, first picture.

I'm sure you noticed that I didn't list a tattoo to cover up the initials on my chest. It's not because I want to keep the initials believe me! I just don't plan on doing anymore stupid tattoos and since I don't know exactly what I want to cover this spot yet then it will stay the way it is until I do. The only ideas I have thus far are a dragonfly or a lotus blossom but we'll see if anything else comes to me with time.

So that's it, I'm sure that was probably one of the most boring posts you've ever read in your entire life wasn't it? Next time I'll lie and say I have nipple piercings or something just to spice it up some okay? *wink* No, I don't really have nipple piercings...ARE YOU NUTS?! Ouch is all I can think of. Ouch ouch ouch!


JaniceNW said...

All right! Some pretty body art to cheer you up. I want pics when they're done. I heart you.

Meg_L said...

Now, how come you didn't tell us where you were putting numbers 2 and 3?

Madame M. said...

I think this was a fun post, actually :o)

Also, you might want to work with a tattoo artist to integrate the initials on your chest into a meaningful design that wards off *their* evil --not sure why, but a dreamcatcher comes to mind.

Good luck with the tats, and make sure you post pics when you get them!!

Anonymous said...

You KNOW this post is right up my alley!!!!

I hope you take pictures.

Summer said...

I'm a tattoo junky. If i were rich I would be like Angelina jolie and just covered. LOL I did the stupid thign too and put a guy's initials on my ankle, the next day he dumped me. I finally got it covered about 5 years ago with an ice blue heart melting.

Andrew said...

Nice choices, Jo. And crazy odd coincidence, but this morning I was rocking out to Iron Maiden's Egyptian-heavy "Powerslave" album. I'm drawn to all that stuff too, though not enough to inject dye into my body for it. :)

And yeah, like Meg said, where are #2 and #3 going?

Meg_L said...

Um dear, The accomplished minutes aren't going up. Move that tattooed to be behind!

kellypea said...

I've seen a few tatoos I liked, but I've never been tempted to get one myself. My sister in law has one that covers her entire back. She has it worked on over time and it tells a story. No, I'll just stick to having people put color in my hair. Easy to change!

Lill said...

You're a brave woman, Jo. I'm still reeling from having my ears pierced when I was 13. Daughter, on the other hand, thinks your tattoos are cool. (She's sitting beside me reading this.) She only does the henna ones now, but I have a feeling she might morph into a mini-Jo someday.

Yeah, where are #2 and #3 going? And how are you in general? I am SO out of the loop with shmoozing, because I've been so busy with stupid stuff like real life.

Shine On,

Maddy said...

I'm far too squeamish for tattoes but by big sister had one! Do I win a vicarious bravery award!

Jo said...

I'm sorry, I meant to say where 2 and 3 were going but must have forgotten. LOL. I'll add them into tonight's post. :)

I will definately take pictures and share them when I get each tattoo. I hope to have my oldest document it in pictures for me as it happens. LOL

Mmmmmm Angelina Jolie. If I was ever to like girls I'd so go after her! LMAO

Meg- I'm moving muh bum starting tomorrow don't worry. I've been waiting for them to climb up a little so I can actually do a whole half hour of something. haha

Thanks all of you for the comments. It was nice to read when I got online tonight. Definately made me smile. ;)

SuzanneSays... said...

Well, once upon a time I had a great sex life, and I did the requisite drug experimentation routine. But tattoos? Not only no, but HELL NO!

Needles - ewwwww!

If I get a wild hair and decide to decorate any of my 2000 body parts, I'll use a Sharpie - thanks. LOL You know they come in LOTS of colors now....

Meg_L said...

Well, I'm going to be out most of tomorrow, so I'll expect to come back to see that you've been moving.

radioactive girl said...

I never put anyones initials on me, but I did do the stupid choosing a tattoo off the wall thing when I was young and dumb. I was supposed to be on Miami Ink about a year ago, but couldn't make it because I was having surgery instead. I am still thinking about getting another tattoo...actually I know I want one, I just am not positive what I want anymore. Good luck in everything!