Monday, December 03, 2007

Mad Click Monday 12/03/07

I'm sure most of you have abandoned ship at this point and are signing up at some of the other sites who post about Mad Click Monday. I'm also sure I don't blame you one bit! LOL. I'm sorry I haven't been here every week like I should be. I never expected my health to take a dive so soon or so quickly so I've been trying to learn how to deal with it like a big girl. I now have my big girl panties on and will try to post this every week like I'm suppose to. I hope to do some basic posts ahead of time and teach the oldest child how to post just in case.

I have a colonoscopy appointment tomorrow that I have honestly wanted to cancel. Out of all the appointments I've had in the last three years, THIS one scares the hell outta me! Why? Ummmm long camera up butt. Need I say more? Not my idea of a good time and I wouldn't care if the doctor DID buy me lunch afterwards!! Like I said, I wanted to cancel the appointment but decided to go through with it because of Holly. It's my way of supporting the importance of screening for and catching Colo-rectal Cancer early.

My CT Scan with and without contrast plus the Ultrasound (for the questionable spots in my heart and chest) are scheduled for December 12th. I'll have one scan done and then get the other right after that. I like having the bulk of the scans on one day because it saves trips into town and wear & tear on me.

No word on the Ultrasound guided biopsy but I guess they've now made these new spots a priority so we can find out what they are and if they need to be taken care of first. Once we rule them out as nothing (as I'm sure we will) then we can get back to attacking the cancer in my neck again. All in all I'm feeling very lucky and very thankful for the lot I've been given in life. Things could be so very much worse.

Speaking of which, another online friend of mine is battling cancer for her life and it has gotten to the point where she is making arrangements for after she is gone. I hate that this is happening to her because she is one of the most amazing people I've ever known. She is the epitomy of grace and strength and I hope that one day I am even half as wonderful as she is. She never seeks pity because of the hand she's been dealt and she always keeps fighting no matter what anyone says. Her name is Tawnya Hopkins and if you could send your thoughts and prayers to her, her husband, and their three small children I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

Tomorrow will be the start of the Princess dress up giveaway (the post will be posted late tonight since I won't be around in the morning) so make sure you enter to win!
Take care and have a wonderful night.


Suzanne said...

Holy freakin' cow - I'm first! Wow. Writing note to come back tomorrow to do my mad clicking. Come on, y'all - it's MCM!

Mme.Meow said...

Hope all turns out well! Mad Click Mooseday is off!

Silvia said...

I'll start clicking!

ChristiS said...

I'm joining in on Mad Click Monday! I'm so sorry that your health is declining, Jo. (We know each other from 20ish days...)