Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mother Talk Blog Tour: The Daring Book For Girls

"We were girls in the days before the Web, cell phones, or even voicemail".

This is the opening sentence of The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz which immediately grabbed and held me to this book until the end. I was one of those girls back before the Web, cell phones, voicemail, and even CDs! Reading this book is like reliving one's childhood back when you played outside all day instead of sitting indoors. Playing video games really didn't interest us for long and every girl knew how to play hopscotch. The idea of staying indoors was like a punishment and you could usually find most of us trying to sneak outside whether it was snowing, hailing, or even sleeting!

The pages of this book are filled with awesome and daring things that every girl and even grown women should learn. There are so many great and fun activities that I honestly can't even choose a favorite! I smiled the entire time I was reading The Daring Book For Girls which made for an instant mood lifter and made me forever thankful to Mother Talk for including me in this blog tour!

Every parent should give their daughter this book and if I had to choose an age to give it by I would say age eight at the very latest. My reason for choosing that age is because every little girl should learn how to play hopscotch, jacks, and know the best jump rope songs. If the girl in your life is older than that though don't worry because this book covers ALL ages. Every teenage girl should know about history's strongest women (the women who paved the way for others) as well as basic karate moves, how to make a friendship bracelet, and the ability to speak publicly without fear. Even more, as young women it also wouldn't hurt us to know how to change a tire, properly write a letter, ask for a salary raise, and most importantly how to remember the joy of learning new, exciting, and daring things.

It's rare that I find a book that is both fun and that I can learn from. It's even rarer when I find one I actually want to recommend to everyone I know. This book is the perfect gift for any occasion from any mother to daughter, grandmother to grand-daughter, aunt to neice, and even friend to friend. I am completely in love with this book and have given it to my own daughter with the plan to go through it together learning how to do everything in it. When she's finished we will put it in her hope chest to pass on to someone else one day but until that time we are going to have alot of fun with it!

Thanks to this book I was able to revisit my own childhood and believe it or not I learned quite a few new things as well. Like, did you know there are fourteen different games of Tag? Do you know how to whistle with two fingers? I don't know about you but I definately did not know that Julia Child (YES, the chef!) was a spy? It's true, she was!

You can find all the things I've mentioned and much more inside The Daring Book For Girls so even if you don't have a little girl in your life do yourself a favor and go buy this book. We're never too old to remember what it's like to be young again and there are always things we never learned as a child that we wish we had. Personally, I'm determined to finally master a cartwheel and learn how to whistle! Oh and don't forget to visit The Daring Book For Girls website and print up your very own merit badges. How fun is that?!

What fun thing from your childhood did you not learn how to do that you wish you had?


JaniceNW said...

My life sucks wide. How are you doing honey?


Homemom3 said...

hehe, my kids loved this book. Can't tell ya which parts yet as I review it this week. :)Hope you are doing well.

Maddy said...

We have the 'boy one' and just bought the girl one for my Daughter's birthday in a couple of weeks. I couldn't help but peek inside. I think that just possibly I'll enjoy it even more than her.

~Leigh said...

I'm excited to get to read this book with my nearly 8 year old daughter. It's probably the holiday present I'm most excited about gifting to her.

P.S. Enjoy the exercise, and good luck (fingers crossed to win) with the Princess dress drawing.

Tina Rod. said...

My daughter is getting this book for Christmas and my son is getting the Boy version. I just about couldn't stop reading them long enough to wrap them. I think my daughter won't appreciate it for what it is for another year or two, but when she does, I think she will love it.

I hope you enjoy this minute of exercise!!

Katie said...

Axel has the boy one on his wish list. He saw it at the toystore in the village last week and has been talking about it non-stop. I am going to get it for him and get the girl one as a group gift to all three of my dangerous girls. :)