Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Miss Me?

Well I'm afraid you're going to have to miss me for a few days more (except for a review I have to post on here tomorrow for PBN). LOL. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a week but I've been slowly getting sick over the past month and it got really bad from Thanksgiving on. Just as I started feeling better yesterday one of my damn teeth started hurting so now I'm wanting to have someone punch me in the mouth just so it will feel better. Seriously, vicodin isn't even touching it!!

Anyway- I know I missed MCM and I thought about coming on and posting it but it's hard to sit here for long. I've spent the last week getting sick everytime I eat, I had a migraine from hell for four days, I'm exhausted all the time, and the fibromyalgia seems like it is a constant thing right now. Oh and I have handfuls of hair coming out everytime I brush or wash my hair. Luckily I have abnormally thick hair but even it can't last too long! LOL.

As for my scans, hopefully I will know something tomorrow. I finally called and asked what the hell was going on and why haven't they been scheduled if this was all supposedly such a big deal. The M.A. that I talked to said that she will find out who dropped the ball and let them know that these scans are needed ASAP. So that should be taken care of and hopefully things will get rolling now.

So don't give up on me and don't go taking me off your feed readers or I'll still kick your ass! I expect to feel better very soon and I DO have a giveaway I promised to hold.

Oh and on the funny side- I found out that Big B's donor and his wife have been talking about me lately. It seems that Wifey 3 is worried that I'm going to die and they will "get stuck" with Big B. *laughing hard and trying not to pee my pants*. I laughed so hard I almost cried!! What in the hell makes that woman think I would EVER allow Kirk Coiner and her have my son? Is the bitch high? She can quit worrying because I'd tell Big B to live in a cardboard box before I'd let two irresponsible lying assholes have him. Bitch please!

By the way- Kirk STILL isn't paying his child support and now owes my son over $19,750.00, sick isn't it? But he can afford to go fishing and deer hunting of course. Fucking scumsucker.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

blaugh-what you love

Do What You Love

Okay so while I don't agree on the gun part I can understand how the guy feels. Alot of people on the internet are doing what they love and because of stupid rating systems they are not considered "good enough" to be paid. I think that's stupid. A blogger should be judged on what they post and what talent they might have, not whether or not they're repeating the same tired "make money online" crap that a million other bloggers are spouting. I know some really great bloggers who are being left in the dirt because they're not the cutthroat kind.

Tonight's post is going to be a Link Love post. I can't include everyone that I would like to but I do want to direct you to everyone on my Blogroll (because I truly do read those people whenever I get a chance) and these people especially this week...

Janice of Twist & Skewer simply because I adore the woman and we spend hours on the phone talking about kids, life, sucky diseases, and anatomy. LOL. Her sense of humor is easy to see on her blog and she is just amazing.

Summer of Wired For Noise, Mom Is Teaching, Our Family Village, and more sites than I could possibly count! The woman is busy busy and I admire her drive. She also never fails to email me and tell me she's thinking of me and has even put up with me being a slacker on the OFV site. Read any of her blogs and you will see that this lady is overflowing with information and really neat stuff you might not know.

Andrew of Everybody Loves Coupons even though I really think he's a butthead. Okay so I don't but it's like arguing and teasing my brother over the internet whenever Andrew and I "converse". He's a funny guy, a very hard worker, and obviously a very loving and devoted father and husband.

David at A Little Revolution because I'm very proud of him for starting a blog about something that he feels strongly about. He's not afraid to say what he thinks and I admire that in people. He's also a great guy and I just love him and his little family.

Christy at Christy's Coffee Break is always giving me a new award and says such nice things about me. Her blogs have taken off so quickly and she could have forgotten about me but instead she remembers everyone she's meeting while she climbs the blogging ladder. She's funny, smart, and a wonderful writer who is definately worth a visit everyday.

My friend Meg at Get In Hang On who I still wish would move back to New Mexico permanently! Come on, you KNOW you want to! Meg is an awesome homeschooler, extremely intelligent, and never fails to call and check on me at all the right times. Her blog and opinion are both very worth reading and I'm so glad she is a part of my life.

Eliza at I'm Not Just A Mom who I consider my "partner in crime" although the woman is FAR more organized than I can ever hope to be! How she handles all her blogs, reviews, AND four kids is just beyond me. She's also got one of those cutesie little girl faces that makes you jealous because she doesn't look her age! LOL. She's a wonderful friend and a very talented blogger so don't miss her blogs.

It's getting late so to make sure I get as many people as I can in here (just know that these are all great blogs, great people, and you won't regret visiting them. I'm also very thankful to know them all whether it's online or off.)- Angie at What Floats My Boat, Kat at A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm, JJ at Gaining Balance, Kristen at Mommy Needs A Cocktail, Ninja Dad at well Ninja Dad!, Polli at Polliwog's Pond, Amy at Saint Amy Jane, Secret Agent Josephine, Ryan at Silent Kimbly, Jenny at Up the Hill Gang, and again...everyone on my Blogroll.

Have a great night and wish me luck tomorrow at my regular doctor's appointment. He's not going to be happy about the scan results I know that much!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mad Click Monday 11/19/07

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Hello everyone and as usual I hope you had a great weekend. I just wanted to get Mad Click Monday going at a decent time today before I head back to the couch to lay down for a bit. For those who have joined recently I want to thank you, say hello, and I hope you have fun. For those who have been here the whole time, ya'll know how it goes and you know I love ya. ;)

I did receive a question recently about something I had posted at one point on MCM and I wanted to clear things up just in case. When I stated that I would hold myself personally accountable for visiting 20 blogs it didn't mean that's how many you have to visit. Some people do less, some do more, and some only visit others who join in with us and all are just fine. It's however many you want to visit and I just ask that if you sign up your blog in the "Mr Linky" then please make sure you try to visit other people's blogs and help out. It's really not fair to join just to get others to visit your blog and not do the same in return. The whole idea of Mad Click Monday is just to help each other out, meet new friends, and get to know each other better. Most of all let's have fun.

The Little Adventures Dress Up giveaway is on hold for the moment because it looks like Gabe from Little Adventures would like to have me give away something special for the Christmas season. Once my throat isn't so sore, I want to talk to him and know for sure what I'm doing before posting anything but I will say that they are a really great company and I've fallen in love with their dress up clothes. It makes me wish I knew about them when my daughter was little because their princess clothes are so pretty!

So I'm still having the dress up giveaway in plenty of time to get it out for a great Christmas gift so stay tuned!

Now let's get on with Mad Click Monday.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mother Talk Blog Tour: Downsizing Your Home With Style

This is the second of two book opinions that I owe Mother Talk but have been running behind on this week. I would just like to thank the ladies there for being so understanding and patient with my slacker self. I really appreciate it.

Since buying our first home almost a year ago, I have tried to read everything I can get my hands on having to do with decorating and decluttering. The reasons for my semi-obsession have been that I'm the kind of person who probably couldn't decorate a shoebox much less a house and downsizing on anything has never been my strength. Bottom line, I stink at both!

This latest book has been a great help though. Downsizing Your Home With Style by Lauri Ward actually taught me quite a few new things about both subjects and probably saved me from having to put the kids on a bread and water diet in order to afford to hire help. Although the book wasn't able to help me figure out how to fit a conversation area in my skinny rectangle shaped Living Room (nobody could help with that one I think!), it was great in helping me figure out different things about draperies, the correct shade of wall paint for certain rooms, and even gave me ideas on picture placement on an odd wall I have. That might not sound like much to the decorating savvy but it sure makes my life alot easier!

Downsizing Your Home With Style teaches you how to comfortably go from a larger residence to a smaller one and how to do it right. Making use of furniture you already have and getting rid of what you don't need ensures that your new home is cozy but not overcrowded without costing you alot of extra money. Even if you are going from say 4 bedrooms to 2 bedrooms, this book explains that you don't have to get rid of two whole rooms worth of furniture completely because some of those pieces might actually go very nicely in surprising places like your new Entryway, Living Room, or even Kitchen!

Lauri Ward also shares great tips on storage ideas and using the space you have to your best advantage which I really liked. Around here we always feel that if we have more room then we need to fill it with something. Now I'm looking around my house for areas to free up to give us a more open and relaxed feeling. Considering that the people in this family are not the most calm people I know, that is a BIG help!

One last good thing I have to say about this book is that it comes with many color photographs that let you get an idea of what Ms. Ward is trying to accomplish. I appreciate that because I can decide right away if that is the kind of look I want to try to mimic in my own home or if it's just not my style and tastes. This saves me alot of trial and error time while still giving me room to personalize looks to the way I want them.

So now I feel better armed to tackle this house of mine in the spring and maybe I'll finally even make peace with it (I don't like this house at all to be honest). That would definately make living here alot more enjoyable for not only myself but probably the rest of the family as well!

Unfortunately my running behind on this post doesn't give you much time but I would still like to suggest that you head over to Gather.com for a chance to win a new Flip Digital Camcorder, an expert design consultation and even a $2,000 Crate and Barrel Shop Card to help you with your redecorating fun! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank You

Tonight I just wanted to say a few "thank yous" to people. I'm not sure how long this post will be as I haven't felt well the past week or so (before the scan results even) and I plan on turning in early tonight in hopes of not feeling so extremely exhausted tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who left me comments on Wednesday's post. It means alot when I post something just to get it off my own mind and others actually care enough to respond. I think that's one of my favorite things about blogging...the caring. I'll admit that yesterday I had a little bit of a pity party for myself but it's only because no matter how sure I might be that the questionable spots are nothing, at some point everyone who has cancer has thought the same thing and it's not always true. I guess a part of me is worried because I don't have the best of luck as most of you know. I'll admit I'm worried but I refuse to make myself even sicker because of it. So yesterday I went through the "what ifs" in my own head and then I let them go. They will come back only if I'm told they need to.

I also had to get through my disappointment at being told the medullary cancer was back in my neck already. On one hand I'm glad to hear that it's someplace operable but on the other hand it's hard because I had just come to terms with the scar I already have on my neck. It just began fading this year and I was just starting to feel okay about it. Now I know for sure that they will be cutting in new places and I will have to start all over again. It may sound vain but it hurts. I guess I would liken it to someone going through chemo losing their hair. You KNOW that if you have to choose your hair or your life then you will gladly give the hair but that doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt. Those are my feelings about my neck. It's hard to let go of what I use to look like and look in the mirror at what I am now and still feel thankful. I DO but it's a mental thing I think we all have to get through. I will though and I'm finished feeling sorry for myself so don't worry.

Thank you to everyone who has included me in their posts since Wednesday. I was a little surprised to see the posts and very thankful. Donna included me in her post today and even made a donation to the Susan Komen Foundation in my name. Her gesture brought me to tears and I once again thank DotMoms for introducing me to her. It's taken us awhile to get to know each other but it's been well worth the wait, she's a really great person and I enjoy reading her blog.

Andrew dedicated a song on his Flashback Fridays post to me today. While his choice of song (Cory Hart? Are you kidding me? You will pay for that one...once I'm done remembering how sweet the thought is of you) made my eye twitch...okay so I giggled just like he knew I would and for that I thank him very much for knowing what I needed today. It's funny how well people can get to know you even when they live many states away. Again, I love that about blogging.

Last but definately not least, Christy over at Christy's Coffee Break feels I am worthy of yet another award from her. This time she has given me Polliwog's "Good Buzzz Blog Award".

Isn't it cute? Thank you Christy for always thinking of me and including me when you hand out the love. I know there are many people you have contact with on a daily basis so knowing that you still remember me means alot. Maybe one of these days we'll be blondes or brunettes at the same time too right? LOL.

Well it has taken me an hour to type this up (kept losing my train of thought LOL) so I will end it here until tomorrow. I just want to leave all of you with one more "Thank you" and hope that you all know how grateful I am to have such great blogbuddies. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mother Talk Blog Tour: The Thirteenth Tale

I am a day behind on this review because to be perfectly honest, I was holding a pity party yesterday because of some bad scan results I got back. I apologize to Mother Talk who was counting on me to have this on time and hope they will accept me saying "I'm Sorry".

This time Mother Talk sent me the book The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I'll be honest, I read the first chapter of this book and was not the least bit interested. It seemed extremely boring and I didn't pick it up again until this past Monday. Now my feelings on the book are mixed to say the least. Knowing that I had to post something for Mother Talk, I had decided I would just force myself to read some of it and maybe skip to the end. That is so not what happened! I ended up not only reading the whole book but I seriously could not put it down until I had read it in it's entirety.

The Thirteenth Tale is about the famous (in the book) author Vida Winter who writes a letter to a little known biographer and bookworm named Margaret Lea asking her to pen her biography for her. At first Margaret is reluctant to take on the task because of things she has heard about Ms. Winter and interviews the solitary author has given in the past.

Heck, Margaret had never even read one of Ms Winter's books before being contacted but once she read "Thirteen Tales of Change and Desperation", she couldn't put her books down. In the end though curiosity wins out and Margaret leaves for Vida Winter's secluded estate to begin writing the biography.

The story that Ms. Winter has to tell in the weeks that pass completely envelopes Margaret and makes her almost a part of the story herself. One of Ms. Winter's rules is "no questions" and while Margaret tries to adhere to that rule she can't help but wonder, "Where did he go?", "Wh did she do that?", or "What happened that night?". How could she not have questions with so many left unanswered? Vida Winter refuses to jump around in her story though and so Margaret must listen as each part unfolds.

The Thirteenth Tale is definately filled with suspense and secrets that will shock and surprise you. Beyond that though is a story that brings together two people who have more in common than they could have ever known.

Why did I say it left me with mixed feelings? Well, the ending surprised me a little and I'm just not sure I like how it ended. There could have been so much more to it but this is the story that came to Diane Setterfield and for her it worked itself out. Why exactly is the book called The Thirteenth Tale? Well you'll just have to read the book and find out for yourself now won't you? *wink* Until then, have fun with the book's cool website.

Tell me what you think- is it harder to keep a secret or tell it after holding onto it for awhile?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Hump No Hump Just Ugly Little Lumps

They are soooooooo not lovely either!! Well I got my Octreotide Scans results back today and it wasn't what I was expecting.

The cancer is definately back on the left side of my neck and coming back in the right side also known as there was definate uptake on the left and mild on the right. I expected that though and knew someday it would come back. I really didn't expect it this soon though so that kinda sucks. *sigh*

The part I didn't expect is that there is a questionable spot on the scan behind my right breast and also two more in my heart. Yeah, a little scary. I figured I would go in and hear that NOTHING lit up and just go on with what to do with this lymph node that is pushing on my artery. So much for thinking right? It's not time to worry yet because the spots in my chest and heart very well might be nothing. That's what getting more scans is going to find out.

So I have to have three scans done- a CT Scan of my neck and chest, an Ultrasound of my chest, and an Ultrasound guided biopsy of that lymph node in my neck. The first two will tell us if there is any reason to worry about the heart or chest and the last one is just so a surgeon will agree to operate on me. My endocrinologist said the scans should be scheduled pretty quickly so I will keep you updated.

So much for thinking I got to relax and kick back this month. Hey, if I can't laugh at it then it wins and I'm a sore loser. ;)

Oh yeah, I forgot to say where two of my tattoos are going on yesterday's post. Tattoo #2 is going to be either in between my left shoulder and my spine or on the back of my lower neck. Tattoo #3 is going to be either right above the phoenix or on my left shoulder. It just depends on how big I decide I want it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sex, Drugs, and Tattoos

Well okay so we can just skip the sex part and I've never done drugs so that counts that one out too but I CAN talk about tattoos. Yes, Jo has tattoos. I have two in fact although I regret both of them at this point.

My first tattoo was a Native mandala with a bear claw in the middle that was suppose to be on my right hip. Let's just say that said tattoo ended up more on my thigh than my hip thanks to the tattoo guy being higher than a kite. :( Looking cute with a bikini was the whole purpose of getting the tattoo but now I'm just happy I don't wear short shorts anymore so it can peek out. The second tattoo was one of the "I am such a moron" tattoos that so many people get- someones initials. Yep, I put some jackass' initials on the left side of my chest when I was younger. Go ahead and say it...DUMB ASS!!

Which leads to the new tattoos I will be getting. I know, I must be a glutton for punishment at this point but now that I'm older and hopefully wiser (quit laughing Meg! I said QUIT!!), I have actually planned what I want to get and put alot of thought into them.

New Tattoo #1- This will be what has been dubbed a "tramp stamp" meaning it will be across my lower back because I don't want to cover my upper back with it and besides my stomach that's the only place big enough for it! My choice of tattoo for this area is a Phoenix. You know, the fiery bird? Not the city in Arizona people! Sheesh!

I already have a kickass design picked out and the reason I chose a Phoenix is because it has had alot of significance throughout my life as I've gone through hardships and been "reborn" strong and ready to face the world again. To see a picture please click on the link- HERE. It is the second one in on the top row on page six I believe. :)

New Tattoo #2- This will hold even more meaning for me because it has to do with my children. On this tattoo I will combine two of my favorite things- my kids and Egypt. This is going to be a cartouche with the first sound of each of my children's names on it in hieroglyphics. The reason I chose the cartouche is because it holds a special memory for me AND I feel that each one of my children are kings and queens worthy of such honor. HERE is the design I will be using for this one. It's the second one, top row, and page 12. I'd direct link these but the site won't let me. Sorry.

Tattoo #3- Last but not least is a symbol that I've been drawn to for many years. The Eye of Horus is probably what should have been my very first tattoo because boy could I have used it! This Egyptian symbol is said to protect the wearer from evil. See? Told you I needed it! To be honest, if I could put a tattoo on my kids (no, I'm not into kids getting tattoos don't worry), I'd put this on them too. Superstitious? A little. HERE is where you can see this tattoo. It's on page two, second row, first picture.

I'm sure you noticed that I didn't list a tattoo to cover up the initials on my chest. It's not because I want to keep the initials believe me! I just don't plan on doing anymore stupid tattoos and since I don't know exactly what I want to cover this spot yet then it will stay the way it is until I do. The only ideas I have thus far are a dragonfly or a lotus blossom but we'll see if anything else comes to me with time.

So that's it, I'm sure that was probably one of the most boring posts you've ever read in your entire life wasn't it? Next time I'll lie and say I have nipple piercings or something just to spice it up some okay? *wink* No, I don't really have nipple piercings...ARE YOU NUTS?! Ouch is all I can think of. Ouch ouch ouch!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mad Click Monday 11/12/07

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So we will call this Mad Click Monday Evening. LOL. Unfortunately I had some work to do today that kept me from posting earlier but I'm trying to not only post daily but also not miss a MCM.

Next week I will be having another Little Adventures Dress Up giveaway on my LWH Reviews blog so make sure you either subscribe to my feed or whatever it is you do to keep up with me (I'm so techie aren't I?). I'll be starting the contest on Sunday and it will go until Saturday, November 24th. This way the winner will get the Pink Princess Pauper, wand, and crown in plenty of time to give as a Christmas or December birthday gift if they want.

I'm hoping to hold at least one giveaway per month on LWH Reviews, so if you are a company who would like me to hold a give away for your product please feel free to email me. Also keep an eye on that blog for several new reviews this week since I'm feeling better!

That just leaves the tattoos that I promised to talk about on today's post right? Well I think I'll just dedicate tomorrow's post to that one because it's alot to share with you. No, there won't be any pictures of wrinklely old lady parts so don't worry. I will not be sharing any pictures of my tattoos especially before lunchtime! I'm not THAT mean ya'll!

So have fun with Mad Click Monday and join in on any day this week not just Monday. It's been alot of fun so far and the more people we have join the better chance for pocket change we all have. *wink wink*

Take care and I hope you have a really great week this week!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Even Bullies "Get" Blogging!

Modern Day Bully

What next? "And my mom gets more hits than yours"? LOL

No I didn't punk out on a post tonight. I posted this because it reminded me of a conversation MonkeyBoy and the Hubs had last night. Stars I love this boy!! Want me to share it with you?

Daddy- "What do you think of this desktop picture, buddy?"

MB- "Why don't you put it on your blog too?"

Daddy- "I don't have a blog, dude"

MB- "Oh, well then how about on your websites or MySpace?"

Daddy- "Daddy doesn't have those things only Mommy does"

MB- "Wow, your life really sucks doesn't it?"

*wiping a tear out of pride*

*wiping several tears from laughing so damn hard!*

If there were ever any doubts he was my son I think that one would have cinched it. So tell me, am I the only mother who takes pride in what smartasses her children are? Even snickering where they can't see you when they say something funny counts so don't go hiding on me!

The new week has started on my Exercise for Comments and last week we got to 60 minutes. I almost made it the full way but ended up with gallbladder spasms and a slightfever today (which means I have to go back on one of my meds) so I mostly just sat around and took a nap. I expect more than 60 minutes this week though and I will try harder too okay?

So share with me something funny or smartass that your kids have said. Their little "kidisms" as they are called. I'd love to hear them!

Coming tomorrow- Mad Click Monday, news about upcoming contests, recap of new reviews, and I'll discuss the new tattoos I will be getting for Christmas! Hell, I might even still pierce my nose! ;)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Now I'm Caught Up!

Here is my Saturday post and I wish it was something funny or interesting but Hubs is bitching about bedtime so it's hard to be funny when you just want to lock someone in a closet with duct tape over their mouth. hehe. Yes, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Today was more running around- taking Hubs to pick up his stupid car that I hate because it had work done on it, going to the grocery store with him and buying a bunch of crap we don't need, and then I had to pick up $106 worth of prescriptions at Walgreens. I know that doesn't sound like alot to some people but that's all in copays for about six medications. One was my daughter's who is on Levothroid for her thyroid replacement and the rest were all me. LMAO. I feel like such a junkie everytime I go to Walgreens because I never pick up just one prescription. This time I got my Sulfate (basically chalk for my ulcer and GERD), Neurontin (neuropathy pain), Synthroid (MY thyroid replacement), and two other pills that help me control any side effects from the two steroids I'm on. You see, they can cause mood swings and there were some times when I was a royal bitch so I'd rather take something and be myself that deal with that. Oh and I was a good girl and gave myself my B12 shot too. This time I didn't hit a stinkin' vein and bleed all over though. I STILL have a bruise from that mistake last week!!

No pain meds this time but that's only because I don't get refills on those so I have to do without for another week until I see my PCP. :( Needless to say I have slept little to none the last few days but thankfully I'm one of those people that can get away with little sleep so I'm doing okay.

Tomorrow I will write something funny or witty to make up for these two boring ass posts. Shall I tell you what I've gotten in SPAM this week or would you rather hear the odd things my family has had to say lately?

Have a good night folks and thanks for reading even during the boring times. It just makes me love ya that much more. *wink*

Friday, November 09, 2007

Okay I'm Cheating

I'm dating this for Friday but in all honesty, I've already blown posting everyday in November. The reason? Hubs hauled me all over creation running errands and I didn't have time to post nor one set up.

So this will be short and most likely boring as hell. I hope everyone else is having a good weekend though. Weekends in my house mean crying kids, arguing almost nonstop with Hubs, and usually going a bunch of places I really don't want to go. OY.

I'm really liking my hair so far though. In the past I have dyed it brown and also red but when I looked in the mirror it just wasn't me staring back anymore. I think the difference this time is that it wasn't me staring back with blonde hair anymore either. I need something new and I'm trying to feel better about myself. So I dyed the hair, got it cut, and I've been wearing makeup more too.

I've also lost TWO pounds so far! YES, I really have!! I can only keep it up though if you guys keep the comments coming. I can do up to 280 minutes per week and thus far you guys haven't even come close! Come on, challenge me a little! You comment and I'll exercise even on the days I don't want to. You guys rock!! Also in case you didn't know, I count the week as Monday through Sunday so you still have time to get me this week. LOL

So here is my one Get Out Of Jail Free post for the month. I will try not to miss a day again and I'll post now to tell you about my Saturday.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Heart Wonder Woman

My lovely and fantastic friend Janice has bestowed another award upon me and I love love LOVE it!!

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It's the Wonder Woman Award! Suhhhh-weeeet!! Bet you're all jealous now aren't ya? HAHA! I have one and YOU don't! Yes, I'm sticking my tongue out at you right now.

Thank you Janice not only for thinking of me but the kind things you said as well. I have someone very special that I want to give this award to right away. A blog award seems like such a small thing in return for all this woman and her husband have given me.

A real life Wonder Woman I know is Holly who along with her extraordinary husband, Scott, owns the blog Hope For Holly. The blog is mostly maintained by Scott and it chronicles what life is like for their family since Holly was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer in January 2007. Everything is on their blog as they are sharing it all with us including Holly's chemo treatments, when she shaved her head (AMAZING video), and even when she's having a hard time. It really brings her struggle home to you and you can't help but fall in love with both of them.

Please go over and give them a visit. They are truly an amazing couple. I've said they are my Superman and Wonder Woman before so would that make their kids Teen Titans even though they're not teens yet? LOL

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's Britney, Bitch!

Wow, the song "Gimme More" by Britney Spears is so overplayed on the radio that now it's imbedded in my brain for who knows how long! Just shoot me now I tell ya! So WHY did I name this post that, right? I mean, I can't stand the girl or her music but here I am counting myself as one of the zillions of blogs that mentions Princess No Panties.

I swear it's not to talk about what a joke she is as a mother. We all know that one well enough. It's not to talk about how I honestly think she should just start running those damn paparazzi over with her car because those assholes need to leave a person the hell alone sometimes! Hell, this post isn't even about the fact that not only does the girl refuse to wear underskivies but she also obviously has no clue how to exit a car like a lady. And what the fuck is wrong with these photogs who run up just to get the money-cootchie-shot?? Ummm EWWWW!!!

Anyway- I named this thread that because after I came downstairs last night, my lovely (read as so dead) daughter goes "Hey Britney! Mom, you really do look like Britney". *snort* Yeah maybe Britney in about 10 years when she's had wayyyy too many bags of Cheetos and too much Taco Bell! I WISH I looked like her right now. Okay so maybe I wish my body looked like her's but the hell with everything else. Oh and she can keep her saggy boobies too. I could do that on my own. OY!!

Does this post seem like it's rambling? It's almost like I'm teasing you or something isn't it? *evil grin* Well let me just put it this way.... here is my old photo which you all have come to know and love.....

And here is what I look like as of right now and I mean right NOW. Tired bags and all....
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Yep, if a brunette can go blonde then by golly this blonde can go brunette! My sister changes the color of her hair as often as she changes her shoes so dammit, I wanna look different too! Call this a midlife crisis if you would like but you might want to hold off until after I get my four new tattoos and possibly pierce my nose. THEN we can talk about midlife crisis.

So what do you think? I'm thinking of maybe adding some burgundy in there just for the hell of it. hehehe. Actually, even though I saturated my entire head there are a few spots I must have missed that are totally blonde so maybe I'll get some blonde highlights. Who knows with me. Like the cut?

It's Britney....BITCH!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mad Click Monday 11/05/07

Can you believe it is November already? Wow this year has just blown by in no time at all! My youngest baby will be turning five years old on November 30th so this is a very sad month for me. He's my BABY! He's not suppose to grow up! The other two did this to me as well and I still haven't forgiven them. How dare they all grow up and make me feel like some old crone!

Thank you to everyone for contributing to my Exercise For Comments fun and posts. I'm having a great time with it and even though I might call you "evil" and tease you, I'm very thankful for each comment you leave. It's fun coming back to the blog after doing some exercise and thinking I'm all caught up and then I see more comments meaning I owe ya even more. LOL.

I've mostly been doing the walking part of exercise because for some reason the last two weeks instead of extra energy from the B12, I've been exhausted and sore. Too sore for Tai Chi and Belly dancing that's for sure. My biggest accomplishment for the week? I took the kids Trick or Treating and actually made it a full mile or so before the cold wind got to me. Sad I know but it's a start and hopefully more will follow. I'd like to have a much improved life in three years so I can be an active part of it again.

So enough blabbin' and let's start clickin'!! The "rules" as usual are HERE so feel free to read them if you are new but they are pretty simple and easy going. Most importantly have fun and I hope you find some great buys and deals to help out with your holiday shopping. Also make sure to visit my friend, Andrew, often for coupons and deals plus my always busy friend, Eliza, for her lists of contests and giveaways every Tuesday and Thursday! Deals and winning are good ways to save some of your hard earned money right?

I'll be having three giveaways on between here and LWH Reviews by the beginning of December. They will all make great Christmas gifts. Want to know what they are? Well then I guess you better keep commenting and reading now hadn't you? *snicker* I will tell you that ALL the prizes are new and completely giftable. Sound good?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

But What About Tomorrow? (blaugh)

Think Before You Blog

This one is for all my fellow NaBloPoMo-Ho's!! What the hell am I going to write about for an entire month? Every single stinking day?? That is witty and actually makes you want to come back? OY!

No, I'm not giving away a bunch of free crap just to entice you to stick around! Unless that would work because in that case I'll be holding a giveaway for a Little Adventures Pink Pauper Princess dress up costume complete with Wand and Crown at some point this month. Seriously. I might even have a few more goodies for you but we'll see how much the ole bank account can stand in shipping costs. LOL

I'll even give you an extra entry once I hold the giveaway if you post to this comment so I know you saw this. ;)

As for the daily posting....oh you people are gonna hate meeeeeeee. This could get ugly.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Eight And Eight Equals ALOT!!

I saw this MeMe...somewhere that I can't even remember but I thought it was cool so I'm doing it. LOL. Plus it gives me a post for tonight and then tomorrow I can post a blaugh cartoon and you'll feel all happy inside. hehehe

This is an Eight Things About Eight Things MeMe and it was honestly a little hard on some of them but I did it! Go Me! So enjoy whether you want to or not. :p

Eight Things I am Passionate About (In no particular order by the way!)
-My three awesome kids
-MEN2a awareness
-Medullary thyroid cancer awareness
-Living (it's worth being passionate about!)
-Setting an example for my kids and showing them that cancer doesn't have to rule your life
-Child abuse awareness
-Kickass tattoos
- My kids knowing I love them no matter what.

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die
- Travel Europe, Asia, and Africa with a nice stop in Canada too.
- See all three of my children reach adulthood
- Have something I've written published in print
- Be organized just once in my life to see what it feels like.
- Either place the order for my ashes to become LifeGems or buy and inscribe the boxes for my ashes to give each of the kids. This might sound weird to others but it's important to me.
- Feel true and deep love from a man just once in my life. I've never had that and I'd like to know what its like.
- Have a family vacation somewhere nice since we've never had one.
- Make sure Vin knows how thankful I am for all he has done for me and my children.

Eight Things I Say Often
-Quit whining!!!
-Ya think?
-I love you
-Knock it off!!
-Fuck, my head hurts
-Damn I hurt
-Ewwww who faughted?

Yes, I curse too much. I'm not proud of it but I do it so get over it and yes, I really ask who faughted at least 10 times a day because the people in this house are gassy and I'm not which just isn't fair dammit!

Eight Books I’ve Recently Read
-The Reincarnationist (didn't like)
-Priestess of Avalon
-Interred With Their Bones (loved it)
-Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book
-I, Elizabeth
-Beauty Confidential
-The Dangerous Book for Girls
-Lady With Ten Thousand Names

Eight Songs That I Could Listen To Over And Over
-I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf
-Stand by Rascal Flatts
-Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw
-Walk On Water by Eddie Money
-Switch by Will Smith
-Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
-Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney
-Anything with a bellydance or Hindi beat

Eight Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends
-Must have a wicked sense of humor
-The ability to at least feign intelligence
-Brilliant debating/arguing skills. (Okay so I would settle for great. Great is good.)
-Ability to count on them when I really need them (Thank you Carrie)
-Allowing me to be myself
-Totally and brutally honest even if it hurts
-Openmindedness in as many things as comfortably possible
- The talent to be a royal smartass

Eight Things I Have Learned This Past Year
-Life is precious so quit screwing up and letting it slip away
-Snuggling with my kids fixes just about everything
-Sometimes I AM smarter than doctors so stand up for myself more
-No matter how hard you think you've got it, someone else's life is always much harder. Be thankful.
-My oldest son is going to be a great man one day soon and he's a great friend now.
-I'm hard on my daughter because I'm afraid she'll grow up to be like I use to be- a doormat who lets people abuse her. I'm scared for her but I'm too hard on her. I also learned she is becoming even more beautiful than I thought possible.
-My youngest is a handful and I've been too lax with him yet he's my last baby and I never know if I'll see him grow up so I'll deal with it.
- That I have Adult ADD which means all those years I thought I was stupid and lazy, I wasn't and that means alot.

Eight People That Should Do This MeMe and Not Complain
Andrew, Summer, Janice, Nicole, Andrea, Karen, Jenny, and Robin

Oh and I have a few more MeMes to catch up on this month so expect payback bitches! ;P

Friday, November 02, 2007

My Name Is Jo. I'm A NaBloPoMo-Ho

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I joined NaBloPoMo which is the National Blog Posting Month challenge. The "Ho" part was added by Kelly and I just plain ole stole it. hehe.

So for my second day's post I just wanted to say, YOU GUYS SUCK!! That's right, you are all a bunch of girlie men. Thirty-one comments this week? Are you kidding me?! I've been holding off on doing exercise just so you could give me a real challenge!! Wussies. Wimps. CHICKENS!!! :p
I thought you wanted to help me move muh ass? Five minutes worth of exercise as a daily average is not helping me any you know. I could do that walking up my stairs to the second floor. Sheeesh. I expect better next week. Meg, you've been doing great hun keep up the great work. The rest of you...PICK UP THE PACE!!! Don't make me bring out my Pimp Hand and bitchslap all you.

Question for ya- where does the name "A Pimp Named SlickBack" come from? Anybody know? No real reason for that just a funny thing I was thinking about. *snort*

Anywho- To help all ya'll out, here are some links to old posts of mine that I happen to like. You know you can comment on old posts too right? So here you go ya buncha slackers...

and just because it's fun to piss off the deadbeat donor....

Tomorrow you get a blaugh cartoon or some shit cuz I'm not putting out... anything that takes alot of thought...on a Saturday.

I know at least ONE of you who had a dirty mind there!! LOL

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Sugar Rush!!

Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo which means I will be trying my hardest to post every day this month. Yes I know, I'm not very good with goals but sumpfin' bettah than nuttin' right? A big part of my wanting to join it is because I wanted to be a NaBloPoMo-Ho too.

Or Happy Day After Halloween for most of you! :) Trick-or-treating went fine here last night and the youngest two kidlets made out pretty well. They horded a decent amount of candy and I was even able to walk them up and down our street but then had to be one of those moms who follows in the van while my daughter took the little guy house to house on other streets. Tons of people were doing it but it just seemed so anti-fun to me. Between the scan earlier in the day, having to keep my arms over my head for an hour for the scans, and the biting cold wind...it did me in.

Other than that let's just say I am HIGHLY pissed right now at one member of my family and it will take a few days to calm me down. I'm the one with the health problems yet my fat ass was walking up and down the street going door to door in the COLD-as-hell wind! It was windyyyyy and I think I even saw one of the neighborhood skinny-as-a-twig girls blowing around like a plastic bag at one point. Either that or it was her witch of a mother trying to avoid a house falling on her.

Did I just say that out loud? Yep, I did. *snort*

I'm a miffed at Hubby Guy because he wussed out on us yet again and did nothing but continue his weeklong whinefest on how he's too tired to do this, he's too tired to do that, I'm taking off this, I'm skipping that. Shut up already!! You slept all weekend AND missed school all but once this week AND even called off work one night! Get over it ya bitch! I think he has gone trick-or-treating with us maybe twice in over seven years. Every year it's some new stupid excuse and it's getting old.

Yes, my husband knows how I feel and yes, I told him what I just posted. We're brutally honest that way but it's all his fault. I use to be the quiet one who didn't want to upset anyone and then he got ahold of me and now I am what I am. Seriously, ask my mother in law. Once upon a time I was a sweet little doormat who people wiped their feet on quite often.

Anywho- I hope everyone had a great night whether it was gathering candy, giving it out, or doing something else fun. Heck, last night I even saw the fat lady...singing. I kid you not, this guy in a fat ballerina costume had his hair in pigtails, a cigar in his mouth, and a mustache! Do you know how unsettling it is to have what you think is someone in a sumo wrestler suit coming towards you only to realize it's the "fat lady" and then hear "Hey, how's it going?" in a voice that would make Sam Elliot sound like a girl???

That is just so not right!