Monday, January 07, 2008

Mother Talk: Body Drama

The year is just starting and already I have a new favorite book. Body Drama by Nancy Amanda Redd focuses on being real about our female bodies and loving them the way they are. Never before have I seen a book that covers every part of the female body and what it can do without trying to make a woman feel ashamed but thanks to Ms. Redd we now have one.

The book is separated into five main sections- Skin, Down There, Boobs, Shape, and Hair & Nails. Each section covers everything you could ever want to know about the subject including the not so great things our bodies might do.

In this book you will read about how to take care of your skin, the honest truth about getting rid of stretch marks, how to make an emergency pad, loving your boobs no matter what size they are, everything you need to know about your "hoo-ha" (my favorite term for it), and much more.

The book is a little daunting at first. I mean, millions of women were raised to think their bodies were disgusting and we definitely did NOT learn anything having to do with our va-jay-jays. That part of our body was definitely taboo! Don't touch it, don't look at it, and don't talk about it! That was the "code" many of us were brought up with which is honestly a very sad sad thing. Did anyone else's mom tell them that they would burn in in hell if they touched themselves? Seriously!

Men are taught that their "packages" are these great awesome things that they should show off and be proud of yet women are shamed for loving their own bodies. Contrary to popular belief, women's bodies aren't just for babies and sex. The female body is a beautiful thing and we need to teach future generations of women to love themselves just the way they are. Eating disorders are rampant among teenage girls and for what reason? They are made to believe that the women in magazines, movies, porn, and TV are perfect. Thanks to Photoshop and other programs they have perfect skin, perfect figures, no blemishes, tight asses, and then of course they diet constantly. This image just isn't real and we as women need to take a more active role in teaching our daughters that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Women are beautiful just the way they are and being the size of a walking stick is NOT attractive! Body Drama covers all these things and more.

When the book first arrived I handed it to my 13 year old daughter and told her to read it then let me know what she thought. Considering that we're very open about everything in this house I figured she would enjoy learning from Body Drama and maybe even feel a little bit better about her own body. Instead I found just the opposite. The pictures embarrassed her and the talk about vaginas had her turning three shades of red. This actually upset me because she shouldn't have to feel that way about these subjects. It did give us a perfect chance to sit down and talk about the book and why it was important to know about our bodies. After that she felt more comfortable and the fact that her best friend read through the book as well finding it no big deal (great job C!) helped as well.

I am proud to have had a chance to review Nancy Redd's book. Body Drama is definitely not for any woman who isn't open to learning more about her body. It is a book for the woman who wants to know about herself and help her daughter love herself more too. This book actually makes a woman feel normal instead of disgusted by her body issues. It's a great book and I'm grateful to Ms. Redd for writing it.

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MamaWise said...

Thanks for posting this review! I was looking for something new to start reading this year. Sounds like a great book!

Summer said...

Sounds like an awesome book! I'm adding it to my list. :)

How are you feeling, hun? (((HUGS)))

Donna said...

This sounds like a terrific book! Definitely on my list.

(How are you feeling?)

Karen said...

Great review, and this sounds like a great book.

I hope you are feeling better, still sending you happy thoughts, hugs, and prayers!

baby advice said...

Hmmm, I have heard of this book, I may have to get that! Thanks for the great review!

~Hope you are feeling better~

Amanda said...

This looks awesome! I'm definitely going to check it out...

Also: Va-jay-jays. BWAH!!!