Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Bit Of Love

First I want to ask for thoughts and prayers for my heart sister, Carrie. She has been pretty sick lately going in and out of the hospital. I worry about her and hate when her health isn't good. Right now she is in ICU so I'd just appreciate you thinking of her and sending her love.

I also want to share the blog links of some friends who have made me laugh and just stare in awe at times. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

Jami at Datewrecks- If anyone could make you laugh and gag about online dating it's her! She's also a strong and amazing single mama who I'm proud of.

Kari at Not So Normal Girl- She's one of the most awesome single moms I know and I'm so proud of her.

Eliza at Life Of A Home Mom- She is one of the hardest working bloggers I know. Girl has so many sites and busts her butt daily to try to bring in a little extra money for her family. You gotta respect that.

Dave at A Pile Of Dog Bones- He's so funny and not afraid to tell you how it is. A few years ago he lost his son to an accident and even though he was seriously hurting (what parent wouldn't when confronted with their worst nightmare?) he handled it all in such a way that I have been in awe of him ever since. His strength is inspiring and I hope to have half the grace he does some day.

Katie at Divinely Crafty- Katie is a sweetheart and a perfect fit in her adopted home of England.

"Madame Meow" at Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm- She has been an awesome blog friend and I think one of my first regular commenters back when nobody really gave a crap what I wrote. LMAO. Always something worth reading on her blog and she even makes ya think!

Andrew at Comic Book Marks- I'm going to forgive him THIS time for not telling me about this blog but at least by having it I can still include him.I "met" Andrew through a coupon blog he ran and we hit it off in such a neat way that I don't want to think what it would have been like NOT knowing him. He's like the great guy friend you have who WILL tell you your ass looks big in something, you're acting like a dumbass, or what you said is lame. Our "relationship" is one of those odd ones where if we don't cut down each other at least once per conversation then something is seriously fucked up! If he lived closer I would consider him my man-friend date buddy and totally raise hell with him. Actually, I don't think society could take the two of us in one place. hahaha

Meg at Get In Hang On- My very first New Mexico friend (and then she moved dammit!). Our daughters are still friends and I'm so lucky to know her.

Doc at Doc's Sunrise Rants- Do I really need to explain Doc? Doc should have her own religious following. *snort*

Robin at Homework- She kicks ass at knitting and makes me jealous regularly. She's also sarcastic as hell which you know means I'm won over for life!

Jessica aka my Mormon Puddin' Pop at Did I Read The Fine Print?- My hot dogs and Kool-Aid buddy even though I once sent her the one damn flavor that she's allergic to. *blush*

Tara at MamaMojo- Seriously, how many woman do you know who can actually ROCK dreads? Girlfriend kicks at it!

"VodkaMom" at Waitress Bring Me Another and Vodkamom. Personally I think it takes balls with all the critics and whiners to make blogs with "martini" and "vodka" anywhere on them. She openly says screw the pristine mommy shit and I love that!

Ron and Andrea at Atypical Life- They also started Homeschool Journal which is awesome! When I first started my homeschool blog I hated the idea of being stuck with Homeschool Blogger (not one for the fundie shit) and these two were so cool that they made an alternative for us. In case I haven't said it lately...thank you both.

Amy at Saint Amy Jane- You know, there could be nothing I like about her & I still would have fallen in love with the badassness & tattoos. lmao. There's alot to like about her though and she makes me really think.

Jenny at Gus' Gang- She took the loss of her child and turned it into a lifelong mission to reach out to others. She's another one I admire and I hope you will read about some of the beautiful children on her blog.

Maddy at Whitterer on Autism- Another wonderful person who commented when no one really gave a shit. An awesome mama who has two children with Autism. Add to the list of people I want to be when I grow up.

and anyone else on my Blogroll is worth checking out. They are all cool in their own way and I'm proud to know them.


Andrea R said...

Awwww, that is so nice! Thank you so much. :)

BeautifulWreck said...

You listed some really great bloggers! Some I have not checked out before but I will!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

I wish you heart sister all the best and hope she feels better soon.

Meg_L said...

Sending some loving back at you Jo.

Emma said...

Dear, I am often on your blog and I know you're a strong person. You suffered a lot and I sincerely hope that your sister will soon be better.

Ema said...

Dear, I am often on your blog and I know you're a strong person. You suffered a lot and I sincerely hope that your sister will soon be better.

Michael Scott said...

Hey dear! I am regularly read your blog and I found that you are such a nice person. Don't worry your sister will get well soon