Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year Resol... CHOICES!

I have decided that I'm going to make some New Year's CHOICES instead of Resolutions this year. I figure that if I can kick a two liter a day habit of drinking Wild Cherry Pepsi a few months ago then this shit will be easy! So here goes...

I choose to Live completely, Laugh often, and Love deeply.

I WILL do Tai Chi this year because I know it will be good for me.

I WILL do the Color Run (September 7th if anyone would like to join me) this year even if I walk it because accomplishing something fun is good for my soul.

I WILL go out and experience more life.

I WILL laugh more and make others laugh too.

I WILL focus more on the positive and less on the pain.

And I WILL continue to let those I love know how deeply they are loved and needed. I won't let opportunities pass that let me express just how much people mean to me. My life is filled with regret & I will start letting go of it and making sure I don't create new regrets. 2013 will be about healing my body, my soul, my mind, and my heart.