Friday, March 29, 2013


Well I'm still not great at writing steadily. LOL.

I've made several good changes since last year though that I'm proud of and thought I should brag a little about. I'm actually fairly content with my life right now.

So for starters I've kicked the drinking a 2 liter of soda a day habit since October. I'm so very proud of myself for that! I have been addicted to soda since I was a small child and never thought it was something I could ever cut down on or quit altogether. It started when I had an appointment with Dr. T (my endo) and she told me once again that I need to give up the soda and even ALL sugar to see if maybe it would help my neuropathy pain. That plus I have been bordering on pre-diabetic for a few years now. Anyway- so this time I actually listened and went without any soda for an entire MONTH! What's even better is that for five months now I've had AT MOST a 12oz can every other day and sometimes not even that. I never thought I could get away from drinking so much so this is such a feeling of accomplishment for me.

Sadly, it hasn't helped my neuropathy pain but I do feel better physically, I've lost 17lbs, and I drink mostly water these days. Before I quit the soda I always felt like I had syrup in my veins but now I feel lighter in a way I can't describe. Even though all my pain is worse something is different and I feel healthier than I've felt in so very long. I don't know how to explain it to be honest.

Another thing I'm proud of is that I did my first Run/Walk in February. It was called the Super Hero 2 Mile Run/Walk and I did it without stopping! I was told to try to exercise when I can so I figured this was something to try for even if I ended up out of commission for a week after. Lol. My goals were to show up (I have anxiety issues when it comes to being with groups of people), not stop walking at all, and finishing. I did all three and have never been more proud of myself! Words can not explain how amazing it is to say I did it.

I now have my first "race" shirt, a bib number to frame, and the joy of knowing my kids can say, "My mom did it!" That to me is the real reward. I want them to be proud of me and have memories of me that they can look back on and smile with pride on.

Downside, today I'm bedridden and don't see that changing anytime within the next few days. LMAO. But for one day I was a motherfucking rockstar!!!