Thursday, May 30, 2013

Color Me AWESOME! I Mean...RAD.

So I got to do the Color Me Rad 5k with Hyper Heathen, Big B, Goth Girl (Big B's fiancé), and my friend, Linda. It was awesome! We had so much fun and everyone made it to the finish line like a champ! I know the only reason I made it was because it wasn't timed and I had people to lean on but still, it was pretty great. Everything about CMR was fun and by the end we were all covered head to toe in colored powder. I think the funniest one was Big B because the powder got all in his beard and he looked like a rainbow hobo! haha

Downside of course was that I spent the next four days wanting to DIE from the pain. On one hand I feel stupid because this is hell on my body and makes me immensely ill but on the other hand, mentally this is so good for me. Its funny to be crying from the pain I'm in yet smiling because of the pride I feel. LMAO.

I've also done the Wounded Warrior Run/Walk this year as well. Same thing, very proud but put me out of commission for days. I feel bad because I'm useless to Hubby Guy and Hyper Heathen after I do these things. I also know it's hard on them to see me hurting so badly. Having my kids post on Facebook that they are proud of me though is pretty fucking awesome!

The main reason I'm doing this to myself is because I don't want my children's memories of me to be their mom laying on the couch all the time in pain never getting to do anything. I feel like that's all I've given them the last few years and that more than any pain has depressed and deflated me. Now they will look back and say, "Remember that one time mom walked that race and finished? Haha remember how her leg had gone totally numb so she was raising her leg really high?". Worth more than any medal ever!

Hyper Heathen started swim lessons for the summer today. He spent most of the time saying, "I can't"  and if frustrates me because he says it before he even tries. I'm going to try to sign him up for all of the sessions this summer so he can be confident by the end of lessons in August. I think the more he learns the better he will do and I want him to be able to swim so he's not an adult who is afraid of deep water like his Amazon mother.